Phone calls have been coming in about these moving brokers who have been swindling customers with bad service for a while, now. They have been known to damage items and other goods during moves with no retribution, refund or insurance policies to replace damaged or stolen goods. They are also known as SUNSHINE MOVING OF AMERICA, INC. currently believed to be an off-shoot of DELTA MOVING SERVICES. Check here to see their awful record.

Why Not to Hire a Moving Broker Save yourself a lot of heartache and money by hiring a licensed moving company, not a moving broker. It can be tricky to understand the difference so please read this informative article by ABC news about the perils of using a Moving Broker. Read Here. Alert Moving Scam is dedicated to the cause of cleaning up the Moving Industry. Every year thousands of families move cross country and unfortunately without the right knowledge and preparation their move can go very wrong. Throughout the Alert Moving Scam website we have provided helpful facts and resources to assist you in choosing a reputable mover. Alert Moving Scam wants your move to be a success. Check Out A Moving Companies Reviews Check Out Their Licensing Here

Watch this Insightful Video about How a Typical Moving Scam goes. Don't Be a Victim of moving scams be Alert of who your mover is