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How To Choose a Reliable Mover?

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We know every dollar counts after all you worked hard for it. Know your mover and don’t fall for moving scams. So look up the companies you are considering on the links provided. Things to consider are

  1. Length of Time in Business

  2. Amount of Trucks on File

  3. Complaint History

  4. Availability to answer questions

<center><strong>Don"t Get Burned By Scam Movers</strong></center>Don’t Get Burned By Scam Movers

Transitioning between homes is a stressful experience and can be a lot of difficult work, and there are many companies out there that will attempt to take advantage of that fact in order to scam the client. At common scams is for extra or inflated fees to be added on to your bill at the end of the move, costing you much more than you were originally quoted during the estimate due to frivolous charges. Trip charges, fuel charges, and ‘deposits’ are all ways that moving company may try to scam you, adding unexpected charges to your bill. They might even charge you for an entire extra hour if your move takes just fifteen minutes longer than anticipated!
Another common scam is for a rogue mover to farm out their work to temporary employees, or another unknown business, leaving you with absolutely no clue who will actually be handling and transporting your treasured belongings. These are called moving brokers. Always check that the business you have chosen employs full time employees, and owns their own trucks and warehouses. This will lessen your chances of being ripped off. If a mover shows up in a rental truck that is generally a red flag.
Some unscrupulous companies may attempt to scam you into signing a contract with blank portions, giving them free reign to add anything they want to the contract after they have loaded. Be alert of this moving scam and whatever you do, do not sign any blank documents! A deceitful mover might add extra charges leaving you with no means of proving that you did not agree to them. Also, always make sure to get a copy of the contract and bill of lading for your own records and later reference.
Yet another scam likely to be perpetrated by a dishonest moving  service is holding your belongings hostage while they attempt to extort further payment from you. Oftentimes they will say something along the lines of “your belongings are packed in the truck behind someone else’s, so you will have to wait for their items to be delivered first.” Then they will attempt to add fees to your moving bill, expecting you to pay because you are nervous that you will be unable to get your property back. A fly by night business may also abandon your items altogether, changing their name and running off with your hard earned money leaving your treasured belongings in storage somewhere!

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White Glove Van Lines

WHITE GLOVE VAN LINES   This fraudulent company only exist for one reason, to rip off the consumer. There are plenty of reviews about this company where they have completely screwed over their customers with little to know repercussions from any regulatory...
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Colonial Van Lines

COLONIAL VAN LINES   There are many easy to find reports of these scammers participating in fraud, they will take a deposit after agreeing to the contract specifics of your move and then cancelling the move with no fault to the consumer but illegally keeping the...
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Budget Van Lines

BUDGET VAN LINES   This company itself says that it is a moving broker which means they do not own their own trucks, have their own movers and cannot guarantee anything including whether your belongings will even make it to their destination. Being that they are...
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CHARTER VAN LINES NO LOGO / LOGO LINK BROKEN   This company has a history of losing people’s belongings or just not delivering them at all, they are also reported as being rude and inconsiderate and possibly partaking in illicit activities which you can see...
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EZ Van Lines / Moving Kings

EZ VAN LINES | MOVING KINGS   This company doesn’t just rip off civilians, which is bad enough, but they have the nerve to scam military members; people whose very job it is to protect this nation. There are too many negative reviews about this...
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